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CBM AWS Deepracer

After attending a AWS summit where we saw the first AWS DeepRacer race, we decided we wanted one at CBM!

So the next day or almost, on March 22nd, we ordered a DeepRacer on Amazon. So exciting! We wanted to organize a race during our annual seminar planned in May.

We were told the very first model would  be delivered in April 2019, then delivery was delayed to July. Then no more date. OMG!

So we took matters in our own hands and asked our AWS sales representative to find us a car ready for our end-of-year party, because the seminar was obviously not an option anymore.

We had to be patient, because our sales representative had to activate her internal AWS network in order to find a car, and finally the “Holy Grail” arrived …. Drum roll: early December and our party was to takes place on December 19th.

We established a few rules and guidelines to follow:

  • Train in the DeepRacer simulation environment
  • Build teams with 3 people including 2 OPS/DEV max per team and one non-technical guy/girl (PO, Designer, Sales…)
  • We added a “PimpMyCar” challenge in which each team had to customize the car and then remove it for the next team.
  • Each team would have 6 minutes to perform a full round.

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