Socrates 2017

The third edition of SoCraTes, in the Castle of Rochegude just ended. « So » stands for Software, « Cra » for Craftmanship and Tes for Test. There was around 70 people this year.

I heard of it through Twitter but never bothered to go, as I didn’t really know what it was like and Sofware Craftmanship not being amongst my main interests anymore (I’m a Product Owner and an IT Manager). Nevertheless, as another manager very highly recommended it to me, I became curious and wanted to figure it out.

English please

Although it takes place in France, the conference is 100% 80% in English because it’s an international conference. English is the official language, so that anyone can understand. There were people from Canada, Poland and Germany for example. It was a bit awkward to speak English with French people, especially when there was no foreigners around. You never know if anyone will pass by and if people speak in French, he won’t have the opportunity to jump in. It would also be possible to switch back to English when someone comes, but then it would be like it’s an inconvenience when it happens. That’s not welcoming.

That’s why this post is written in English.


The SoCraTes conference had no program : it was an open space format. The sessions are built in the morning during the first hour, based on the suggestions of the participants. Lire la suite